My Sacred Circle is a Life Coaching program.

This program is tailored to women seeking empowerment, independence and who want to express and use the strong voice that is inside of them, that is yearning to break free.

During your life coaching process you will see that:

Blessings are given just as often as challenges. It’s up to you to recognize all the gifts you receive, and recognize that all of your interactions with others are spiritual connections that enhance you on some level.

Take notice to patterns that emerge and situations that repeat reappear.



Right now your goal in life is to find out how you tick. We have worksheets and exercises that take inventory of your inner values and we can put to paper an outline of your belief systems, limiting thoughts and your perception on various aspects of your life.

The second goal is to be accepting with who YOU EXACTLY ARE, not to hate things about yourself, but to lovingly accept yourself.

You are not such a mystery. Know all your answers are within. Know that you will always be you, and the true you is perfect in it’s own way.

Appreciate Life on Muddy Earth.


You will get used to being you and like it. That’s how you get happy. I believe the Universe provides interactions and events to occur in your life when you need them. A lesson to be learned is always waiting for you. Challenges are brought into your life to open you up, to shed another layer of mud off of you, and for you to grow toward the light.

stop doubting.


It is your time to shine.


You Are Not Alone in the Universe.

Every Life Has a Purpose.

We Are Connected.

Inner Peace is Possible.